I'm Brea MacKenzie and this is where I post my art and some things that inspire me. At the moment I'm looking at the theme of Psychology. Specifically, mental health.

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I found a picture I took of my X-ray that led to the eventual removal of my acursed wisdom teeth. Just thought I’d share it. The circle on the right side is my nose ring. I’m surprised they let me keep in for both the X-ray and the surgery!
I’m currently very swollen and the pain comes and goes. Been awake since 4:30am too!

Tomorrow we’re back at school and we’re starting Unit 4 which means I need to start making my final pieces for Studio Art. I will be creating:

  • a film piece on gender identity (which I still need to create a post for my performance for Tumblr to see);
  • two (or three, I’m undecided) large pieces involving stencils, tracing paper, ink and masking tape revolving around Dissociative Identity Disorder;
  • a Psychosis themed pieced involving one traditional and one digital canvas;
  • and if I have time, I want to make an installation about paranoia type Schizophrenia.

So do expect photos of these works in progress!